ATO launches ‘Do I need to lodge a tax return?’ online tool

On July 1st the ATO launched a new online tool to help you determine whether you are required to lodge an income tax return.

·         From 1 July 2012, the tax-free threshold increased from $6,000 to $18,200. This means that if you earned less than $18,200 in a financial year, you may not need to pay income tax. If you earned more than $18,200, you will only need to pay income tax on your earnings over $18,200.

You need to lodge a tax return for 2012-13 if:

·         A) You paid tax, or had tax withheld

·         B) Your taxable income was greater than $18,200 and you were an Australian resident for taxation purposes for the full year

  • C) You were in business – regardless of the level of your income.

The new online ‘Do I need to lodge a tax return?’ tool can help you to work out whether you need to lodge.. To access the tool visit

For more details on whether you need to lodge an income tax return visit

If you do not need to lodge a tax return for the 2012 -13 income yearyou should notify the ATO by completing a non-lodgment advice form 2013, and send it to the ATO by 31 October 2013.

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